Fintech for the unbanked

Our journey to close the gap

Current reports show that more than a third of the world’s adult population make little or no use of formal financial services. Estimates show that bringing unbanked adults and businesses into the formal banking sector could generate about $380 billion in new revenues for banks.

The size of the market and acquiring it are two very different things. Our focus at EightD&Co is not the value of the market, but the value we can provide to those who need financial services.

Easy access

Physical banking infrastructure is expensive to develop but there are alternative distribution approaches emerging. The most powerful of these may be mobile financial services.

Appropriate products

Financial services should be available at the right price and design, affordable and relevant to customers.

Attractive to use

Products and services that effectively address the requirements of low-income consumers.

Smarter onboarding

Low-income markets come with challenges in onboarding. Smarter KYC and onboarding tools activate customers faster.

Organisations that can master the right models will secure the real value from the unbanked market and fintechs can help them on their road to success.

With so much great work being done by financial institutes and fintechs we can see income levels slowly growing. Financial inclusion is now on the agenda for public and private financial institutions. The time is right for organisations to change their current operating models and customer offering, to effectively serve this fast-growing market.
A different perspective on competition

Transformative technologies are unlocking greater profitability in banking, this is being exploited by agile fintechs and disruptive competitors who continue to encroach on traditional retail banking opportunities.

Innovative thinking that protects profitability

Digitised banking operations create new cost efficiencies and opportunities for novel and compelling customer offerings. With access to new data, fintechs can allow organisations to monetise new channels.

Unconventional partnerships that target new audiences

Profitable low-income banking models often rely on unconventional, mutually beneficial partnerships. An example of this, is when you see fintechs partner with transport operators to make it easier for customers to pay for basic transportation.

Transport modernisation paving the way to digital banking.
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