Digital Banking

How seriously cool tech, made simple, is a beautiful thing.

In short, digital banking means the full digitisation of banks and all its activities, programs and functions. It’s not just about digitising your services and products but also about automating your processes, creating enormous efficiencies and economic benefit.

Digital banking however for the low-income markets is entirely different and requires not just the right technical solutions but the correct onboarding and communications strategies to convey value to end users.

Reduce costs

Financial institutes are under pressure to reduce their costs to remain competitive. To fail to make a switch to digital banking means continuous heavy investment in legacy systems.

Compliant with new standards

A greater effort is needed to remain compliant. Legislation such as PSD2 and GDPR means the threat of financial penalties. Legacy systems make embracing this legislation difficult, reducing the return on expenditure.

Increase revenue

Legacy banks don’t have a 360-degree view of their customers on demand. Digital banking systems are intelligent systems that increase customer satisfaction, speed of transactions and enhance customer experience.

Explore new technologies

New technologies, such as data analytics, open APIs, smart-banking apps and cognitive banking are future-proofing banking by ensuring that banks are able to continuously deliver great experiences expected by customers today.

Banks can partner with Fintechs and immediately become agile innovators, reducing their costs and creating better consumer experiences for their customers.

The rapidly changing landscape is creating a short term focus for institutions. Better planning however, with a shift in focus to long-term digital banking strategy can create true viability. Our services and solutions can help make that roadmap easier.
Mobile banking frameworks

Module-based platform creating instant payment experiences.

Digital identity solutions

Enrollment and biometric transaction management with strong KYC verification.

Digital payments

Mobile based cashless payment solutions with built-in transactional data analytics.

AI-Powered automation

Automated workflow solutions enabling 24/7 services with the ability to use real-time actionable data.

Facial recognition

AI-powered/self-learning algorithms using device behaviour to create advanced KYC authentication.

Merchant solutions

Merchant terminal and acquiring solutions combined with centralised terminal management.

Financial institutions are developing areas around the world and adapting their technical strategies to embrance a stronger, more relevant future in digital banking.
Virtual tellers & automation

Reach customers in new markets and lower costs by allowing digital ID enrolment & verification, instant account opening, card issuing, self-service transactions and card/ewallet top-ups, while supporting services through the power of automation.

Digital ID verification

Biometric data is currently being used in both online and offline use-cases by banks and telco operators to rapidly enrol, identify and authenticate customers and their transactions. Digital ID provides frictionless and secure services through remote KYC

Infrastructure automation

Managed infrastructure automation platform delivered in a simple ‘as a service’ model. Support multiple infrastructure vendors across networking, computing and storage systems, while unlocking autoamted remediation of critical operations.

Transport modernisation paving the way to digital banking.
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