Cyber Security Readiness

Organisations face a unique set of security challenges only alleviated through a proactive approach to security.

Companies today face a never-ending stream of threats and attacks that escalate in size and impact each year, coupled with ongoing regulatory requirements and the challenge of managing security resources, with limited budgets.

The growth in digital and mobile enterprise and boarderless security architectures creates vulnerabilities that security teams scramble to manage and keep secure.

Enterprise security challenges

Threat agents today use similar tools to most security professionals and teams in our organisations today. Unfortunately for our teams, they are mostly out-matched and overwhelmed by the volume of threats.

The growing need to embrance digital concumer-centric business models and product strategies bring serious security implications which are difficult to manage, especially if cyber-security is not part of the discussion from the beginning.

Managing digital identities

Digital identities for individuals and enterprises are a major challenge. Organisations aim to provide integrated omnichannel experiences to users by extending a host of banking, wealth management and payment services in a seamless fashion.

These entities are becoming more creative by using biometrics, on-time-password and adaptive risk-based authentication, which analyses user behaviour in making decisions after granting access. The qustion is not just about how organisations should introduce new security measures but about a change in how financial institutes perceive their cyber-readiness.

Any financial institute that doesn’t do everything in its power to protect itself and its customers from suffering the consequences of poor security practices, is without a doubt dreadfully negligent in its duty.

By not shifting our mindset and taking cyber-crime seriously we could be on a path towards destruction.
The growing digital landscape opens more vulnerabilities

Threat actors see more opportunities to compromise vital digital systems.

By 2022, there will be around 42 billion connected devices worldwide and with this increased exposure comes greater risk.

Organisations looking to take advantage of emerging technologies need to bake security into everything they do. Ensuring they have a proactive approach to security will allow them to be bolder in their delivery. It will also permit them to be more confident, more ambitious and most importantly, more innovative.

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