Beyond Blockchain

The story of Blockchain is the story of a persistent human quest for trust, autonomy and safety.

What began as a passion project of tech diehards has transformed, with breathtaking speed into a wave of innovation that is sweeping through the digital community. Blockchain has caused a surge in new ventures, investments, and solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change how we interact with the internet.

In 2016, IBM reported that 15% of global banks would implement Blockchain by the end of 2017 and 66% of banks would have Blockchain operations in commercial production at scale by 2020.


The projects under this category serve to facilitate the exchange, lending and investment of different stablecoins. The Fintech category include: trading and exchange, insurance, lending and investment management.


Blockchain’s distributed database provides a more secure alternative for some data sets. Sovereignty projects can be clustered into seven sub-groups, each addressing a specific data type: user-controlled, governance, VPN, communication, identity, security and stablecoins.

Value Exchange

The technology is able to support a wide range of transactions between people or parties, without the need for a relationship or trust between those parties. This tech is being deployed for the exchange of non-fungible value with projects in content monetisation, data, marketplaces & social.

Shared Data

Blockchain lowers the barrier to entry by giving autonomy to data owners which allows them to ‘take their data with them,’ as they engage with other parties for whom their data may be useful. Contributors whose data has proven the most useful can be incentivised through tokens, which increase in value as the organisation grows.

EightD&Co are building an online exchange which will be of value to governments in SE Asia, APAC and MEA to assist them in developing high quality Blockchain solutions. This will provide an enterprise grade exchange environment, with security protocols to protect all users.
Bitland builds trusted records for land titles.

As much as 90% of agricultural lands in Ghana are undocumented and unregistered. NGO Bitland is creating a record of land ownership. Providing citizens and farmers, as well as larger corporations, with a trusted certificate for validating their possession, should it be required in the event of a dispute.

In 2020, the Dubai government will celebrate its last paper transaction.

The Dubai Future Foundation is a government think tank charged with imagining and creating the future of the city ten to 50 years ahead of schedule. The foundation was instrumental in the establishment of the Global Blockchain Council in 2016.