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In a world where fast moving technologies and increased network connectivity are bringing more people online, the opportunity for financial services institutes to engage a new market are now here. The majority of this growth is found in low and middle-income emerging markets and even in high-income countries, large numbers of people don’t use financial institutes to help meet their day-to-day financial needs.

This is where EightD Pay can assist, by providing a mobile banking payments platform-as-a-service (PaaS), allowing our partners to rapidly deploy meaningful and secure digital financial experiences into an un-tapped market onboarding customers faster and with ease.

Speed to Market Independent modules make deployment simple and quick.
Security Built alongside world class security experts.
Compliance ready Built with global PCI/DSS and ISO standards.
Flexibility Allows financial institutes to create bespoke experiences.
See how customers are currently using the platform.
Hatton National Bank is a premier private sector commercial bank operating in Sri Lanka, with 251 branches spread across the island. The bank has been internationally recognised by the Asian Banker Magazine as the “Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka” from 2007 to 2017.
Yellowdot Transportation is one of the primary transport operators in the Philippines pioneering the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), a flagship program which envisions a restructured, modern, well-managed and environmentally sustainable transport sector. EightD Pay is currently offering its Automated-Fare Collection modules to PeraPay in the first phase of a digital banking transformation targeting the unbanked.
LB Finance PLC (LBF) is a licensed finance institute monitored under the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, incorporated in May 1971. LB Finance PLC offers the full gamut of personal finance products and services, as well as financial solutions for businesses. These offerings are delivered to the market through a network of 123 branches and 36 gold loan centres. LB Finance has strategically expanded its operations beyond the shores of Sri Lanka to Myanmar, where under the license issued by the Myanmar Government the Company has set up a micro finance operation aimed at bringing prosperity to the people of that country as well.
EightD&Co alongside Trans-Sahara Industries Africa will be partnering to build services for Ghana to activate and legalise the Okada market. A service assures convenience and provides a means to generate employment opportunities for this sector. This project consolidates essential services on one platform and makes it available to customers in a highly accessible, cost efficient and convenient manner.

Mobile banking framework

Multiple payment methods

Secure real-time payments

USSD & Card issuing modules

Central Digital ID system

Merchant terminal solutions

Digital Identification through advanced KYC & biometrics.

With rapid digital disruption and innovations, consumers expect seamless and inituitve buying experiences across all platforms and devices. Using the Central Digital Identity System, onboarding of customers becomes more efficient and reliable as information is stored centrally. User’s profile can be retrieved for any application and be used for authentication of transactions, eliminating suspicious activities.