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Offering a proactive approach to security by defining the next era of penetration testing, incident response and security automation services.

Large organisations face a unique set of security challenges, the never-ending stream of threats and attacks that escalate in size and impact each year. Ongoing regulatory compliance requirements and the challenge of managing security resources and skills with limited budgets place pressure on security teams. Also, the growth of the mobile enterprise and borderless security architectures add to this pressure to keep your perimeters secure.

This is where EightD Intelligence and our partners can assist, by providing a proactive approach to assist organisations around the world to determine whether you are at risk or cyber-ready.

Cyber-security assessments Baseline your defence by engaging our cyber-experts.
Industry Specfic Understand the security control effectiveness of your company.
Automated cyber-security Take advantage of our automated incident response tools.
Training & Readiness Consult our team to improve your cyber-security posture.
Proactive cyber-security + Machines = AI based cyber defence.
We cover 10 specific domains with our assessments. Collecting, understanding and reviewing organisational wide people, processes and technology. This area of consultation covers intel-driven threat profiling, risk-based analysis and technology enabled support.
Our team of cyber-security consultants are world-class, working with some of the largest organisations and government entities. We offer threat based Red-Team assessments to measure your internal and external vulnerabilities, along with network architecture reviews, mobile application assessments and other custom services depending on your needs.
We are vendor agnostic which offers advanced security automation management tools, to help organisations improve their cybersecurity posture and internal practices. Through automated pentetration testing, orchestrated security architecture and automated incident response workflows.

We have reinvented penetration testing as the world knows it. Combining world-class security specialists with cutting-edge security automation means our penetration tests uncover more risks, identifies more vulnerabilities and verifies exploitable attack vectors that can lead to your organisation becoming breached.

Automated Intel-Collector

Automated CI/CD App testing

Automated Evidence-Collector

Automated Incident-Response