EightD Artificial Intelligence

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90% of the world's data was created in the last 2 years. Artificial Intelligence will redefining consumer experiences & innovation in fintech.

In a world where the ethical use of data is prevailing and customers are building more trust in automation, there is a growing desire for companies to embrace AI in the pursuit of finding a new way to do better business. Customer service is the most obvious place where improved AI already assists. Chatbots and AI interfaces interact with customers and answer queries, offering a massive potential to increase efficiencies.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is really the key here - utilizing deep learning algorithms to understand language and generate responses in a more natural way. This coupled with AI based reliable credit scoring is bridging the gap for those who want to apply for a loan in the developing world but have no credit history for the bank to review.

Redefining customer service Create new services through real-time actionable data that enhance the customer experience.
Customer risk profiling Understand more about your customers in real-time through relevant credit scoring.
Money Management Understanding our customers needs means we can help them be money smart.
Security & Anti-Fraud Machine learning and AI is creating huge impact in behavioural analysis & fraud prevention.

A customer-centric approach, real-time data integration, cost optimization, and advanced security equipped with Artificial Intelligence enables the masses to get benefits from the mainstream financial system.

What role will AI play towards banking the unbanked?

Digital payment solutions do not necessarily alleviate difficult financial situations, nor the poverty traps that many of the “unbanked” are finding themselves locked into. Smarter technology and flexible business models however, can help to make the lives of millions of customers easier by making access to credit more convenient, safe and reliable.