It all started somewhere . . .

This is our story

Passion & purpose lead us here.

Founded by Kevin El-Hassan, the vision for EightD was simple, pull together a core group of high-calibre individuals with a shared vision. An interdisciplinary team of thinkers, creators and doers recognised globally for their reputations in delivery, who came together with one key challenge in mind: to create meaningful technology and consumer experiences that add value to the lives of those in the world most in need.

In 2019, EightD&Co relaunched it's global brand. This coincided with the roll-out of the first phase of our neobanking product, targeting the unbanked in Asia. We have expanded operations into the Middle-East and Africa where we intend to do the same by collaborating with banking and telecommunication operators in the region.

Our operations today are guided by the philanthropic vision of Kevin and his Managing Partners, motivating their teams to produce technology with a focus on purpose beyond profit, encouraging them to follow three core values in everything they do each day . . .


To reimagine tomorrow without the boundaries of what is technically possible today.


To be free to change mindset and processes to achieve the best solutions.


To be bold and take-up the challenge of building a better version, even if it works today.

We are part of a global collective.

EightD&Co is a group of companies that include our product innovation foundry, neobanking company, cyber-security consultancy, artificial intelligence laboratory and charitable foundation.