EightD&Co is a global Fintech that delivers unparalleled consumer experience with a passion to drive social change and inclusion.

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We focus on social innovation by deploying great technology and secure consumer experiences in areas of the world that need it the most.

EightD&Co is an agile technology company relentless in our active pursuit of smarter-technology and non-traditional business models that improve industries or drive growth in emerging markets.

Our Philosophy
Financial Inclusion &
Digital Banking

EightD&Co. is pioneering fast-moving technologies and unconventional business models unlocking meaningful financial services for the unbanked & disenfranchised banking customers in Asia & Africa.

Transport Modernisation

We are currently deploying automated fare collection & on-demand transportation solutions in emerging markets to drive social change by creating better accessibility & efficiencies.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

EightD&Co are using infrastructure automation & Artificial Intelligence to enable real-time visibility and profitability for companies all over the world through meaningful and actionable data.

Fintech meets Africa's two-wheel revolution.

Africa's two-wheeled vehicles are not only a mode of transport but a means to survive for many low-income earners. See how EightD&Co Africa along-side Trans-Sahara Industries are bringing smarter technology and more secure financial services to Ghana.

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Precision farming has a new kid in town

Learn about how EightD&Co are using our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Automation to create a unique IoT solution for farming. Collaborating with industry experts EightD&Co are providing access to historical and real-time data along-side the behavioural analytics of crops.

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PeraPay taking the Philippines by storm

PeraPay, a product of EightD&Co, is a proud pinoy brand focused on creating financial solutions designed to create a better standard of living for the everyday Filipino. Creating real-impact PeraPay's partners and taking an active part in the modernisation roadmap of the Philippines.

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Fusing empathy & technology.

Our team of award-winning experts combine design thinking with security, compliance, technology & managed services for our clients, partners & products.

Technologists with the heart of an agency.

EightD&Co is a global fintech and agile technology innovator. At our core is an award-winning product experience, strategy and marketing agency. Click on the link below and learn more about our agency and how we can help you.